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The chip in the picture will be the one you will receive since I don't use stock photos. However, when I get new releases there might be more than one available so please let me know if you are looking for a specific variation (for example LCV or SCV) but all chips will be in the same condition as the chip pictured. 

I also go by the mnrube on Ebay and if you want to read my feedbacks here is the link to them. 


Shipping rates are as follows: United States is 3.00. 

*Note: Canadian buyers please contact me before ordering for a more reasonable shipping rate. The default rate is 20.00. 

International buyers:

If you would like to purchse from the site please click the contact me section below and send me a list of chips you are interested in. Due to the higher cost of shipping I will send you an indiviudal invoice through paypal. 

To contact me click Contact Me

Don't have a PAYPAL account no problem. I do also accept U.S. Postal Money Orders so just contact me via the link below and send me your wish list to include product description and product number.

To find specific chips you can use the Search function at the top of the page or if you are looking for specific denominations click the chips pictured below and all chips with those denonimations will appear. Under the Fractional Brand you can find .25, .50, $2.00, $3.00 and $4.00 chips.

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I do also buy collections so contact me if you are interested in selling all or just part of your collection..


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